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How To Play Burned Ps2 games With Swap magic 3.8.ELF

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For the Downloading the elf file visit theisozone.com visit this website at your own risk possible risk of getting popup viruses there i deleted the download link on my video "You have Been Warned"
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Text Comments (55)
maladetroit (9 months ago)
peacegiant (1 year ago)
how do you get swapmagic on the fmcb home menu?
Irving García Rojas (1 year ago)
Kh 2 fm!!!! Excelent.
Kenny mcormic (1 year ago)
what kinda dvd to use
JIN KAZAMA (1 year ago)
Your ps2 have a puce
Satyr Prods (2 years ago)
If you're still up here... Will it work with old PS2 Fat, if I eject the disc, put it another and press eject button?
Amazing Videos (2 years ago)
dude how to change Japanese language to English in London hearts
spixle (2 years ago)
You look like a fat gay potato chip
Frank Nakamo (2 years ago)
how do I install Swap Magic in the Memory card?
Awesome man, I'm looking to get a modded ps2 I would do it myself but I'm not so familiar with this sort of stuff, I found one for $105 that's region free and can play burnt games (ps1/ps2) would you say it's a good deal I'm thinking about it ?
LeopsAngra Batista (2 years ago)
friend this swap magic 3.8.ELF and so to wheel games Recorded .......?
Diamond Joy (3 years ago)
can i mod my ps2 without swap magic? can't find any disc in places.
Mine just reeboots, i've checked the disk but it works in pcsx2 no prob. What am I doing wrong??
Esaú Castro (3 years ago)
my ps2 is not moddified, I can just burn this file in a dvd and play pirate games? thanks, I have ps2 9001
kHyMMI (1 year ago)
No, You need to have a Soft Modded PS2 And the Swap magic disk, Or a PS2 With a FMCB Memory card with Swap magic.elf
Stevie Quest (3 years ago)
that's what I'm wondering too lok
Skyline1994PL (3 years ago)
So in order to perform this trick I need free mcboot, so I can launch swap magic from a pen drive, a game that would run normaly and a game I want to run, yes? Does it work with original region blocked NTSC-J games too?
DefaultSettings (3 years ago)
+Skyline1994PL yes and follow the swap magic elf install video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8s8RgVSM38
lml Pikachu lml (3 years ago)
is your ps2 chip modded?
DefaultSettings (3 years ago)
+lml Pikachu lml no only softmodded
kwame joseph (3 years ago)
does the backed up copy has to be the same game as the original disc???
Edward Grant (2 years ago)
kwame joseph (3 years ago)
does the backed up copy has to be the same game as the original disc???
Ralph Ragutana (3 years ago)
Wut version of ps2 is dat??
Andy Fennell (3 years ago)
Slimline. In silver.
The Trust (3 years ago)
Is this file PAL?
Jenas Owl (4 years ago)
You are the best mate!, thanks !!
AkiraKojima786 (4 years ago)
I've got a question. Since my PS2 date code is 8D, and isn't compatible with Free Mcboot, would it be possible to play backups after I've launched the Swap Magic elf via AR Max media player?
DefaultSettings (4 years ago)
Inalia Marelin (4 years ago)
well i got some questions so you downloaded swap magic and bruned it on advd yourself right? you could show me/us how you did the rest install freemc bot etc or where you got the tutorial links ?because i realy want to play kh fm2 on my ps2 but without these steps i cant x:
Hanz Obi (4 years ago)
Google is your friend
Arsene Lupin (4 years ago)
All Right, i'm going to need some help, in the installation of mcboot, if you wouldnt mind, but to give me some help, and advice, that'd be more than appreciated  :D Thanks!
Satunz (4 years ago)
I have a burned copy of KH2 Final Mix (italian patched). With freemcboot works but with the swap magic elf doesn't work, why?
SaMuRaY (4 years ago)
Do i must have memory card ?
Phantom assassin (1 year ago)
The Trust Clearly this guy
The Trust (3 years ago)
+SaMuRaY Who buys a PS2 without a memory card?
xXMasterJ360Xx (5 years ago)
Nice. I can clearly see the advantages of having a Slim PS2 with Swapmagic. Needless to say the Swap Magic Elf is only for those who don't have the actual Disc. I have a Phat PS2 so using the actual disc will be no different since I'm stuck using the Slide tool
Jordan Mason (4 years ago)
Correct! But sadly, my Swap Magic Disc has yet to run its course and I can't get a new one because its currently being outsourced by these claims of DMCA and other copyright violations by various Governments. With such a matter can be quite bothersome, trying to acquire one of these disc fiscally. And this is the only solution, good thing I Have the Flip Top.
DromeDroid (5 years ago)
How did you get the FMCB to go to the browser without lauching the game? i tried changing the config settings but it still loads the game instead of going to the browser
VGSoundtrackGuy (3 years ago)
+Drome Droid Hold down the L3 button (push in the left thumb stick) then power on the PS2.
MrSpc4 (5 years ago)
he had the tray open
yosoyelMiguel (5 years ago)
Link do not work :(
Eruana Pirika (5 years ago)
Aw awesome! thanks man im subbing
DefaultSettings (5 years ago)
i think the iso is fine i am gonna upload a short video on youtube were you can see how to configure swap magic elf
Eruana Pirika (5 years ago)
I tried that and still no go, do you think its a problem with the iso itself? I read somewhere not all iso can be burnt onto discs :(
DefaultSettings (5 years ago)
the swap magic elf file was on my usb stick and i copied to the boot folder in my ps2 memory card and made a shortcut on ps2 browser named swap magic
Eruana Pirika (5 years ago)
How the devil do you find the ELF file? I so desperately want to play FF 12 international but it wont load :(
DefaultSettings (5 years ago)
you need freemcboot to boot up the swap magic elf file
nocomments (5 years ago)
which is the program you used to burn the ELF File?? Plz answear as soon as possible cuz I need thing !! :(
bobek20031 (5 years ago)
we can somehow play with games from psx ?? on this swap magic
bobek20031 (5 years ago)
i have problem when i run swap magic i have only black screen HELP!!
Davneta (5 years ago)
The ps2 need a chip?
DefaultSettings (5 years ago)
yes it works with games from my region
DefaultSettings (5 years ago)
yes it works with games from my region
DefaultSettings (6 years ago)
no you need to block ps2 sensors

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