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10 style tips from French women | "Parisian chic" | Justine Leconte

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I often get questions about French women's style or about Parisian style. There seems to be something about it that is chic and appealing, which I only really realized once I started to travel around and live outside of France. I asked some well-dressed French friends about their do's and dont's when putting their outfits together: they agreed on so many points! Thumbs up if you liked this video :-) New videos: Wednesday & Sunday. And here is my review of Paris Fashion Week, for more French things: https://youtu.be/Y6lAdd49f9g Take care! Justine ******************* SOCIAL Instagram: JustineLeconte_officiel Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Business requests: [email protected] Ask a question / ask for a video / say hi: [email protected]
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oneworld24 (2 years ago)
A shout out to all fellow subscribers. This is the most uplifting and positive group on YouTube.
Reut Sharvit (2 months ago)
+Justine Leconte officiel in israel the elegant styl its almost not exist .pepol even in importent gob werring sporty styl
traveldreamlove.com (7 months ago)
agree! <3
ruth neff (9 months ago)
Those silly people who thumb down!! She's so down to earth and real. No snob here. And funny sometimes!
khushboo mishra (1 year ago)
Seriously i love the comments and the community of this channel!
Gil Gak (6 hours ago)
You look like elf. Very beautiful 😊
Natalie S (12 hours ago)
In the USA, we grow our hair long, but wear all pulled up in a knot at the top of our heads.
Phoebe Graveyard (13 hours ago)
In rural Nova Scotia it's almost impossible to tell straight middle aged women from lesbians. We all wear the same hair cut ala Edith Bunker, practical hard wearing clothes which we wear until they disintegrate, jeans(usually from Costco) , hiking boots ( summer and winter) and a purse that costs the same price as we normally have in the purse. This leads to a lot of women having $35 dollar purses from Walmart. Our taxes are so high that our clothing budget is very low. Clothes are meant to be practical, long lasting, comfortable and sensible. Rural and fashion don't play well together.
Eileen Pollock (3 days ago)
I really enjoy your presentations. Succinct, practical, with personal charm. You asked for style in different countries. I can't speak for my entire country which is very large - but I spent almost 40 years working in New York City, in midtown and living in the West 60's near Lincoln Center. The major factor in NY style for women is keeping in shape, that is, slim shape! That sets off all clothes well. Otherwise, NY women love black. Head to toe black! It's always sophisticated, and can be enlivened with jewelry (in limited amounts) or a scarf. I've moved south in the past few years and I see that women here do not watch their weight, they are much heavier than I was used to in NYC, and as a result, nothing they could buy would flatter them. It's a shame, as obesity leads to genuine health problems like diabetes, and inability to move around. But that's another comment! I keep going back to NY to refresh my eye as to style. It's always slim and black! And we never wear red nail polish. It's pale pink for anyone over 40, maybe weird colors for the young only.
Emily Windsor-Cragg (5 days ago)
If you've never walked through am American Walmart store, you have never seen what people can do to make "fashion" disposable and hideous.
Eva Zigon (5 days ago)
Interesting. My mother is German and taught me how to dress elegantly and with taste, but according to this vid, I find I've been dressing French (and Italian) style all my life without knowing it. With just a few exceptions. I'm a windsurfer, so in summer, when my hair is bleached an even lighter shade of blonde than usual, I sometimes like to play with very light, almost white shades of lipstick to achieve a "frosty Scandinavian" look. Or, when my skin is very tanned, I find that a touch of orange in my otherwise red--based lipsticks also works well. I also like experimenting with white, opaque and blue nail polishes - sometimes adding a touch of silver or gold glitter to them for evening occasions. And on those days when I engage in sports, I like wearing socks that match with the rest of my outfit - just as long as they don't clash with my trainers. I also agree with what one Japanese commenter said about always wearing tops with leggings that cover the hips and another person said regarding Italian style. It too seems very similar to the French and to mine.
Kamini Nikam (6 days ago)
I am from india. So In my country there 60% people who still wear the traditional outfits like salwar kameez and scarf. But as things modernised it vry impt for the dress to be a good fitting dress, scraf is an option but accessories and make up is always a must. Accessories it's mostly an elegant necklace and rings and good earrings we dont really care for face shape. Make up indian ladies go heavy with eye makeup which kajal. Lipstick mostly an office going lady would prefer pink and maroon unlike french who lovea to wear red lipsticks. In India is mostly fusion dressing hence wear kurtas over Jeans as well and mostly would see females using totes bags and funky chappals not shoes.
Jill Teresa (8 days ago)
These used to be the rules followed in the United States from the 1940s through the early 60s. Once the Beatles hit the scene, simple elegance went out the window and so did these rules. It was our loss.
Lenka Awad (8 days ago)
I grew up in Czechoslovakia and there was this saying :“ Green and blue, good for fools”. So we didn’t match these two colors in an outfit.Exception would be blue jeans and green parka jacket. But now I don’t care what people say as long as I like the outfit and as long as the colors look good on me.Even that green isn’t my color, if I find a nice shade that suits me a would wear it with blue jeans.
Darya Kruhlyak (9 days ago)
in the Ukraine, we have difference style. But still a lot of women wear a high heel, or very high heel, tight clothes, very fitted and a full make up.
sdbick (10 days ago)
Justine, can you please provide a link to the video about timeless fashion pieces? I would like to watch it, but I don't know what it might be named. America has different fashion "rules" everywhere you go. In Oregon, there are a lot of boots, skinny jeans, plaid flannel shirts, graphic tees, and hoodie sweatshirts. Overall it's very, very casual and they stay far away from big name designers because they pride themselves on being "above" mainstream fashion.
Venus Victory (10 days ago)
In India, professionally we wear Smart Business suits all neutral colors with one accent color. All offices have strict grooming and dress code. But for weddings, family functions we all wear colorful silks drapes called Saree, with real gold, diamond jewellery. We invest lot of money on expensive diamond and Gold necklaces, Bangles etc, apart from buying properties. During these festivals and weddings we are suppose to wear and flaunt our wealth and riches. India's culture is quite influenced by British culture, because they had ruled this country for years. Most Indians dress modestly, NO cleavage and leg showing.
krbx (11 days ago)
In Mexico there are many styles and depends on how much money, lifestyle, region etc but what I notice the most when I'm in a supermarket or public transport is everyone is wearing jeans and mostly levis.
Rani Saarinen (12 days ago)
In Finland nobody wears heels because it's dangerous with the ice in winter. Here a womans best feature is if she's hard working and strong and that explains why we are wearing always trousers and other practical items. In party we can wear lipstick, a short dress OR earrings, but two (or three) of these together is just way too much 😅
Anyra Rahman (13 days ago)
I love the way you talk 😀
Victoria Emele (16 days ago)
There are some things that I do not agree on in this video, after all we Americans are not French!
A HC (16 days ago)
I don’t really see people wearing khaki green
ablurida (18 days ago)
Yep, some of these rules are starting to be broken in France, like matching your shoes and your purse in a casual outfit. It's only acceptable to do that if you are 70+. They can both be neutral colours, as long as they are not both accent colours. Definitely no brown with black in an outfit though, ever.
caroleta1000 (18 days ago)
Here in Brazil, if you're wearing an all-black outfit, people will think you're going to a funeral. Most of Brazilians prefer bright colors and prints, instead of gray, black or navy, which makes me look like I came from another country... Or century...
Susie Queue (18 days ago)
I love the quotes, but in future, would you consider putting them in a different font? I found them very difficult to decipher.
Susie Queue (18 days ago)
I don’t agree with not mixing metals. I have a silver and gold watch. I like to wear silver and gold jewellery, sometimes together.
信田加代子 (18 days ago)
I'm Romanian and I don't know about the general fashion rules of my people, but these are some things my mother taught me: - DO match shoes with purse - NEVER mix black and brown (white is a non-colour and goes with anything, black does NOT - black "is a colour", and doesn't go with brown, EVER) - DO NOT mix prints: if your shirt has a print, your bottom should be solid colour and vice versa - DO NOT mix silver and gold And now I wonder if this has anything at all to do with the fact that my mom is a French teacher. :D Another thing my mom is adamant about: keeping outfits season / weather appropriate: no boots or wool hats in summer. There was a trend a few years back, where cotton crochet "summer boots" were all the rage. She absolutely hated that. Oh and wedge platform tennis shoes were once a thing too. None of that crazy novelty hybrid stuff. I love my mom. :)
juliet frederick (19 days ago)
I am French and American and I know all those French style tips especially matching the purse with shoes but Americans don't understand that fashion style.They think its too much. Some popular colors that I wore in France,(Nantes) to be precise, as a child were Burgundy,grey,light blue and my favorite navy blue.
FlyOnTheWall (19 days ago)
Chanel is known for two-tone black and tan, not sure if that's what you mean by "brown" .
FlyOnTheWall (19 days ago)
Black and beige or brown is a sophisticated color scheme. Like any color combination, it can be ruined if one doesn't have a discerning eye or impeccable taste. I have seen luxurious fabrics in black and brown, especially in five-star hotels and high-end design. Yes, it must be used wisely. What was #3? I couldn't understand you, even after several replays. Perhaps what you meant is -- French women only use natural shades. I have seen plenty of French photos with hot pink lipstick, flesh tones, etc. I agree - never yellow, blue, green, etc. Only classic flesh tones, which include a wide range of pinks, salmons, and reds, which harmonize with the skin tone.
julie doll (19 days ago)
Canada: Any goes! Going out to the stores or coffe shops pajama bottom was a thing for a short time.
Josephine Jupp (20 days ago)
I am Scottish, and before I saw your channel I wore leggings, band t-shirts, ill-fitting bras, and trainers. But I always wore a chunky scarf. At one point I had 5 pairs of leggings that I wore in rotation. I had one pair of jeans that were too tight. Nowadays I use a capsule wardrobe inspired by 'Parisian chic'. I have 2 blazers, 5 skirts, 5 plain tops. 5 thin sweaters, one pair of plain blue jeans, one pair of boots, two pairs of ballerina pumps, 5 scarves, one pair of heels, matching underwear haha and of course some accessories. I've never felt so good. Thank you, Justine! x
Josephine Jupp (20 days ago)
We could seriously take some tips from the French for dressing smartly. Far too many of us in the UK dress for comfort until it comes to a night out. We dress to the nines, feel uncomfortable because we haven't practised wearing smart clothes daily and moan about getting a tiny stain on a blouse. If we practice wearing smart clothes all the time, we'd know the pitfalls.
cristina g. (21 days ago)
...wow, i have a french style wardrobe without knowing it... 😉😉😉 👍
Néfer Kroll (23 days ago)
In Brazil: no rules hahahahahha
ittybittyshoeshine (25 days ago)
Couldn't understand what you said for number 3?
Vera Silva (25 days ago)
Do you think this video reflects Paris or a minory? uhhhh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-fXalR8mEI
Alexandra Oprea (27 days ago)
There is a rule in Romania that is the same in France - you either go for bold lips, or bold eyes. Similarly, you may either show some cleavage or your legs - showing both areas is considered way too sexy.
Imperfect Purity (1 month ago)
Hi Justine! I pretty much agree with every tip but one: the one about matching shoes and purse in the everyday look, wich I think it's a bit outdated. With the abundance of designs, colors and pattern of shoes and purses that are around nowadays you can pull off a very sophisticated look even with a partial match or even a missmatch, even without being very fashion savvy. Or, at least, this is my opinion. Excuse me if my english is bad.
M K (1 month ago)
I loved this, Justine. A question for you: do French women ever match their shoes with their scarves? For example, if I have a beautiful pair of cornflower blue shoes, and a beautiful scarf whose predominant color is also cornflower scarf, would those be worn together? In which case, what do you do about your handbag? I can’t picture yet another cornflower blue item in this ensemble. Thanks for any scarf-shoe-handbag insight!
schcris (1 month ago)
In Brazil everything is acceptable...possible as long as comfy to you!!!😜
Lucy Capkova (1 month ago)
I do not like mixing material, but my wedding and engagement rings are white gold and most of my jewelery is yellow gold. I wish I picked yellow gold for my rings :D
Beauty Addict (1 month ago)
I live in the US ppl here wear too tight or too short or extremely distressed clothing They wear too much makeup or the wrong shade of it They like to wear things on ig that dont always fit them
Sarah Larson (1 month ago)
Rules in the US (there are lots of people who dont' follow them, but in general) : 1) You must wear proper undergarments. It is not acceptable for breasts to sag or nipples to show through a garment. 2) Men's shorts must reach at least to the top of their knees and not below the bottom of their knees. 3) You cannot wear socks with sandals. 4) You must bathe daily or at least smell like you do. Because we are so used to this our noses are very sensitive. 5) Over-dressing may get you stared at...maybe even glared at. It depends on the situation, but if you go to an occasion like a party or meeting and you are dressed significantly more formally than other people you may be perceived negatively.
Sarah Larson (1 month ago)
In Honduras: 1) You must keep your shoes impeccably clean, no matter how far you walked and how muddy the roads were. 2) It is better for clothing to be too tight than too loose. 3) It is completely acceptable to mix several bright colors. Most women will not dress entirely in neutrals unless it is a striking combination of black and white. 4) Men should not wear sandals, at least not to formal occasions. 5) If you have an entire matched set of jewelry, it should be worn together. Having earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and maybe even ring that match means they should be worn together.
Αͷͷα Gʀɜʏ (1 month ago)
French applies in Norway. My mother has French vibes for sure because this is what she taught me when I was young. xx
Justyna (1 month ago)
you say no red nail polish and yet you wear purple :D
Sumari (1 month ago)
I would like to know how is it, if my nipples are mostly stiff and one can see this through the clothes, is it bad taste to let it that way, at least when not at work? Cause otherwise I'll have to wear bra all the time. Which I don't need and I don't feel good with.
raquel gutierrez (1 month ago)
i’m a French girl for sure lol i guess just born in a different country, i’m not a fashionista but i find myself doing everything you have talk about ☺️
Jahnavi Singh (1 month ago)
In India women usually wear a lot of jewellery at once, not only this we also love to match different colours together.......in parties we wear a lot of gold (conspicuous consumption)
Linda Casteele (1 month ago)
In Canada there is no rules. Therefor, no style on the street and absolutly no class!!! I like to be inspired by french women adns also strret style of New York!
Megan Smith (1 month ago)
That's and interesting question you asked. I guess we Americans wear blue jeans for every occasion, except office work or church. And if you have makeup on and your hair is brushed & washed and you smell clean, you are considered dressed. I think we tend to be sloppy and our clothes (besides our blue jeans) are cheap and quick fashion. Almost anything goes west coast to east coast, but there are serious taboos like wearing your Pajama's in public, wearing flip flops to establishments, sunglasses on when talking to someone your meeting or going indoors, walking around in swim clothing outside swim areas (or for guys add not wearing a shirt,) and extreme looks, emo, Gothic, Certain Japanese street fashions. No socks or not showing sock in lowcut shoes, never socks and sandals, guys shorts should never come above mid thigh, and women's should never show butt cheeks. Wearing hats indoors except for some churches, and face tattoos tend to freak people out lol. And I've noticed everyone stares at the person with dreadlocks!
Metro Realty (1 month ago)
AZ USA- Lululemon (yoga) pants for daytime is normal in the West. Blue jeans with a t-shirt for casual days. Pants with a blouse or dress for business attire. A more casual office will allow jeans and a collared shirt (no t-shirts typically)
Marta Dziełak (2 months ago)
It's of course a bit hard to generalize, but Polish women in Warsaw usually: 1) wear dark colours, 2) wear neutral colour sneakers with everyday outfits (this has to do with walking long distances), 3) don't wear too much makeup (I believe that the trend for natural-looking face is rising), 4) tend to shop in second-hand shops for better quality and originality. I think we're in general quite well-dressed, but more diverse than in France. You sometimes happen to see surprisingly stylish elder women dressed in vivid colours or pastels. Original style is something important for Poles.
Rosa Ridgewell (2 months ago)
I never follow trends, to me fashion starts from me. Good fashion rule is to dress according to your body type. So I wear what makes me look elegant and confident. I have to look good when I am coming and when I am going. Je suis brésiliene.
Laura Ylönen (2 months ago)
i live in norway but never wear "scandinavian style".... im polish girl . im wearing old polish style (vintage), mix with emo( black ,leggings) and a lot jewelry. patern - flowers the best.... if You want see check my yt channel :)
Chevalier Lauren (2 months ago)
I love the french makeup looks no matter what :)
reggi k (2 months ago)
evelyn baron (2 months ago)
Justine Leconte you are magnificent and very generous with brilliant advice. I was lucky to have a mother, born in Berlin but who understood the 'Chanel principle' of less is more, loved the Mies van de Rohe reference and that in the long run, investing in clothing that can be interchanged makes more sense than following trends. We don't look alike, so I continue to adapt her (and your) principles to suit me. I think every woman can think realistically to find their own personal style which will perforce evolve over time, and this should be the most important factor. You obviously have an artist's eye and knowledge, and tx so much for sharing these insights. Amities (sorry for missing accent)! The actor Omar Shariff was interviewed a while ago and said; French women may not be the most beautiful women in the world but they instinctively know how to create beauty". An interesting observation.
evelyn baron (1 month ago)
This is a ps from me to you and myself. I do love and live in America and some rules, like never combine black and brown, fundamentally Chanel inspired, don't always work. Fashion comes from people who are not trying to create fashion; I was struck by a look I would never have thought of, watching my favorite rock artist, the late Tom Petty, in the studio with a caramel fringe jacket and just black underneath. I don't think he was thinking of fashion at the time; it was part of him, in a way his outrageous trickster Madhatter image was not. What is wrong with that look if it works? I think the spirit of Chanel was to find something timeless that also could be modified as we go through time; she was the 1st rebel; let us never forget that!!!! Wonderful Toutube site; my favorite. A haven from all the nonsense one finds sometimes elsewhere.
Rita Wodyka (2 months ago)
I am over 50 y.old, have narrow shoulders and too wide hips. How it is better to disguise my problem? What french wumen would wear and what they would avoid in every day outfit? Thank you.
R.R. Leah (2 months ago)
I’m Jewish and I grew up with high style and confidence, very blessed, and I’m agree with most you say, specially accessories and colors. Always balance your clothes, knowing that clothes reflect a mind state and send a message to others around you, influence people in a positive way with your outfits, never wear more than 3 colors, and always make sure they are related in the color spectrum. 👍🏻
Milo the Jack Russell (2 months ago)
I used to wear black a lot when I lived in s/Korea but now I love pop of colours. I live in England but popping colours aren't exactly the English thing, i'd say. Probably I'm just bored of blacks.
breezyjimin (2 months ago)
french woman fashion sense is so high-class and elegant and at the same time also fun and chic! definitely my fashion sadly i don’t have much money to buy the clothes😂
Nicki eh ah (2 months ago)
High fashion in Australia for women is considered to be the "instagram uniform"... black sports tights, addidas sneakers, a white hoodie, orange spray tan, tacky god awful fake nails in an ungodly color like fluro, and a Louis vuitton wallet preferably with a fluffy ball keychain. Now thats style! Eat your heart out Chanel.
Nicki eh ah (2 months ago)
I have a long torso also ! I always wear long tops as i am in the 30's too short looks like I am clutching at straws wanting to be a teenager again. Its not very elegant.
Tweegrrl (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your video! <3 Others have commented, but I have my own little list of style tips for Montreal: 1. Always be prepared because the weather is unpredictable, so layer layer layer in winter, and have a crisp solid-colour hoodie in case it rains (and it will, especially March through June and again in autumn) 2. Don't be afraid to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an article of clothing or jewelry, but support local artists/designers and get custom pieces 3. If you're going to follow a trend, choose something inconspicuous that originates locally... for example, vegan-leather Matt & Nat bags... they're EVERYWHERE in this city but would go unnoticed by people who aren't from here lol 4. Whether you're minimalist or maximalist, uniform dressing is the way to go (in my circle of friends we are all about concert tees, jeans, and a stylish pair of black boots or some kicks) 5. Have a wicked statement piece for dinner/drinks or days when you're feeling sassy (a vintage leopard coat, for example)
Mara Zampariolo (2 months ago)
Ok but not true about the nail polish. Even Chanel, YSL and Givenchy made blue and blacknail polish and EVERYONE is wearing them
Metro Realty (2 months ago)
Lululemon yoga pants with Lululemon shirt and jacket.
Simo Simo (2 months ago)
I'm Italian and my style is quite near to the French one. The differences are that I use also three colors in one time, but well blended, because I think that many looks are too boring and without personality. I've got the problem with the dress with black shoes, I mean bright coloured dress. So I've bought a pair of medium dark silver shoes that fit with almost my elegant and coloured springtime dresses. I prefer trousers because my day is very busy and I want to be elegant and comfortable at the same time. I wear stilettoes only with dresses and elegant trousers. I really really love the french style, even for my children.
Pink Flamingo (2 months ago)
Lol So cliché... French women classy ? In rich arrondissement de Paris maybe...but you have only to go around and see it is just a cliché.
Julia Benito (2 months ago)
Yo creo que en España es muy parecido al francés
Magda Januszko (2 months ago)
Jaki jest sens dodawać tytuł po polsku a cały film gadać po angielsku...
Maya Gotsatsenko (2 months ago)
Ukraine: 1. Women LOVE to take care of themselves. 2. Lot of makeup and perfume 3. High heels whether it’s summer or winter. 4 Tend to follow what’s fashionable, sometimes looks weird when the whole city wears same clothing. Like in 2009 bleached jeans were popular, so everyone: kids, women and men wore something jean and it was bleached. Also summer boots were so popular. 6. people like to show off. 7. Like to wear fur coats in the winter or sheepskin. Winters are very cold -10 to -20 and with lots of snow. 8.Women in Ukraine like to look high class and tend to spend all of their money on fashion, makeup and skincare. 9. Salon industry is very popular and profitable since many women use it. In other words Ukraine is not about being comfortable or I don’t care how I look. Very often in the mornings when you go to work you will already see many women to be dressed up.
Chlarie Peace (2 months ago)
Your is beautiful and you have a beautiful neck line
MrRatherino (2 months ago)
french style today? yellow vest...too sad..
Carol Watson (2 months ago)
IJustine I seem to just have found you and I am totally enjoying all of your videos about the French way you're very good presenter and with a little humor on the side I like that keep up the good work I'm in Maryland
Chené (2 months ago)
I wish the people in my country could stop going to the supermarket bare foot.
Glauci Mantovani (2 months ago)
Thanks dear! Gostei da legenda em Português.
Sophie Spiers (2 months ago)
I’d be interested to hear other British people’s input on this, but if I was going to try and define British style it would be a love of bold and floral prints (think the William Morris collaboration with H&M), high quality sneaker brands such as Vans, Nike etc., Doc Martens, super high waisted jeans, leather jackets, trench coats and of course tights as it’s always bloody cold!
RoseCreeper (2 months ago)
#3 No all jogging outfits?
Maria Varela (2 months ago)
These are generalisations and to be taken with a pinch of salt. To me one thing I've noticed is: French women don't (generally) squeeze themselves into clothes that are too tight for the sake of wearing q smaller size. I like that and it definitely looks stylish.
Jean Warner (2 months ago)
Even though I am more of a monochromatic color dresser, I do appreciate the newer look of mixing multiple patterns. It is a true art to be able to do so and still look classic and I have enjoyed doing so. Make sure you pay attention to scale. Large polka dot blouse with a smaller vertical stripe or abstract print. Treat it as you would texture. Some big and nubby with silks and/or cashmere. Love that!
Mesejo Alvarez (2 months ago)
Lo que no entiendo es como siendo francesa hablas en inglés que es el idioma que todo el mundo habla ahora pero.... Siendo el francés un idioma precioso, que yo adoro, Habla francés mujer por favor es tu idioma
Justine Leconte officiel (2 months ago)
I explained why in several videos 😉 Pero me encanta leer comentarios en varios idiomas!
Talyah Bat Tamar (2 months ago)
I must be French woman 😉
TheSisters (3 months ago)
Went to school in the state of New Mexico, USA...it was rare to see a girl with short hair. Common was mid back to waist length. If you did have short hair you were coming from a different state. About dressing, my in-laws who were in Kansas said I dressed like a Charlie's Angel. When I went to visit them I noticed everyone was in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers- or old sweats. Most girls had short to shoulder length hair. I now live in Texas and the native Texas woman is really something to behold. My sister and I say Texas woman are Spartan woman. Their voice matters in a much bigger way than I have seen in any other state I have lived in. Big hair, big jewellery. Mostly red lipstick. Mascara. Dressing is modest but loud. I have yet to see a native Texas woman dress towards the minimalist spectrum. I live in Austin which is not considered to be like the rest of the state. Except for people in North Austin, everyone will where flip flops EVERYWHERE, and dressing is more on the hippy spectrum. If you ever visit the state, you will see dressing differences within each county line. So strange.
Panchami (3 months ago)
Well it's a lot different in India. Our outfits is most of the time is very colorful. Single solid color is often seen as boring. In India it's : The more the better kinda policy :)
Maria Dillon (3 months ago)
Over the last week I looked at YouTube and internet in general to find out if it is acceptable to wear gold and silver together. My reason for looking is that I wanted to get the most out of my beautiful jewellery by being able to mix the metals a bit. I am totally with you when you say that statement earring should not be worn with a loud necklace or vice versa. However, with regards to mixing your metals, I my internet search showed that it is perfectly acceptable and it seems like this is all the rage (so I will now be doing it). Some of the online information suggested wearing a gold and silver piece to introduce the mixed metal idea.... so.... for example.... if you wanted to wear different gold and silver bracelets and bangles then you would have at least one that had both metals in it. Thanks for another interesting video :-)
funforlife 88 (3 months ago)
I lived in the states before and people kept asking me if I was going for job interview. I once flew American airlines and saw a woman wearing yoga pants and sweet shirt with sneakers on trans Atlantic flight.
Amy Nyman (3 months ago)
Your video ended with your comment that "fashion rules in a country tells so much about the culture of the country". So please tell us what these rules say about French women besides conservative. Thanks!
Marliz Hazel De Leon (3 months ago)
I am learning so much, thanks to you Justine! I'm from Philippines. 😘
Ana M. (3 months ago)
Here in US women tend to dress very casual. Originally, I am from Europe, all the clothes I own, are from European stores, and I get frequently asked “why are you so dressed up?” When in fact I’m just dressed casually to a European standard, for example, Zara sweater, blue jeans, and boots, all of a sudden, I am perceived as dressed up. Regarding nail polishes, I’m daring in this area, I do love nail polishes according to the season. Darker shades I wear late fall all through the winter... I can’t just use red. Should I now not do that?! 😔🤔 anyway, loved the fact that I stumbled upon your videos! Very classy and much needed.
Jenni Kolehmainen (3 months ago)
In Finland especially many teens try to imitate the styles from USA, which I don't really prefer at all. It is not even logical if we think about the weathers.. finnish winter compared to californian winter isn't quite a match. Many grown ups, men and women prefers long woolen blouses in winter time, basically black or nude or gray. They are popular and looks good on everyone. People wears black and white. Nordic and graphic. Make up doesnt have to be too apparent. Striped Marimekko shirts are always on style. I also think in Finland you should have few pairs of quality leather boots or ankle boots and few different coloured pullovers.
Tina Hroni (3 months ago)
In Greece women do not use vivid colours like Red, blue, yellow, fuscia in anything they use More neutral colours in clothes accessories and make up it is like if there is a lack of colors!!!they prefer soft colors like beige, soft Grey, pale Pink, pale colors mostly and Black and White!!! They are like scared of colors they feel colors are too much for them!!!
lea benoit (3 months ago)
In Chile the girls don´t wear makeup. That´s true.!! When I went to USA I realized about that. I lived there for 1 year and my friends were from different countries, but the most of them were from latinamerica. I remind very well when my friends and I were getting ready to go out and they used to wear makeup like a drag queen and doing their hairstyles with a hair straightener and a lot of machines to create a lot of looks. In my case, I just took a shower firt, I curled my eyelashes and wore a nude lipstick while my hair was getting dried naturally. At first I thought it was my way of being, then I met other Chileans and they were just like me, very simple, we liked to wear our freckles without full cover foundation, and none of us used eyebrow pencil to draw a new eyebrow. And our hairs were the typical Chilean style, long hair so messy and natural brown color without dyeing of artificial blond that Latinas often wear. I confess that I let myself be influenced a little, I bought some makeup and even some fake eyelashes which thank to God I never used. I recently returned to Chile, but I don´t know what to do with those MAC lipstick that I bought, I only wear Diva lipstick or the typical red to go out in the night but I don´t use anything else, not even concealer. I'm reassessing how natural the chilean women are, you will always recognize them because you can see their faces as they are at all times because they wear makeup to become a better version of themselves, they don´t wear makeup to seem as drag queen. That's the main reason why I watch your videos, the Chilean style is more similar to the French style in terms of makeup and clothes. Thank to God you exist. greetings from Chile <3
mason s. (3 months ago)
In America, I was raised to never wear black and brown in the same outfit. At some point in the early/mid aughts women started wearing black outfits and brown ugg boots. It is a look thst still bugs me.
Giovanna Fedocci (3 months ago)
J'ai adoré ta chaine youtube. Bisous du Brèsil!
Justine Leconte officiel (3 months ago)
Primrose Dahlia (3 months ago)
I’m Norwegian, and people have always commented on me looking French... probably because I follow what you said in this video, and my style is very classic feminine...like skirts, dresses, heels, hats, not too many accessories...and it has to fit my petite body frame, so always tailored..that is what I’ve been comfortable wearing ever since I was little... I cringe when I see the different Scandinavian trends like oversized clothes (especially on petite women) converse shoes...sneakers to every damn outfit... mixing colors (especially more than two, but even just two)..or the trend that I see teenage girls wearing now, which is tights and sneakers (the type you were to the gym) all day long no matter if it’s summer or winter. I don’t however think there is one typical Norwegian style. It depends on where you are from, what age you are, and what personality you have..I’m in my late thirties, and have always dressed this way...I would never wear socks or stockings in sandals...I know Scandinavians who do...but it definitely depends on personality... I saw that video you did with the Swedish blogger, and I would not consider her tips something all Swedish females wear. Sneakers though, is something Scandinavians wear to work a lot, so I agree that that differs from the French work environment...but it also depends on what type of work you do... I think that no matter what country people are from,it all boils down to if you have an interest in style/fashion or not...or if you are the type who’s very into trends..what age you are, or if you are upper/middle or worker class....
Alice InChristchurch (3 months ago)
I adhere to all the rules you mention naturally and... I'm English :) great channel btw, thank you.
Chloe Eastwood (3 months ago)
Lovely video! I’m an American and I agree for the most part. I would make a couple tweaks to your list. We are more lenient towards multiple patterns as long as the colors match, but the rule of neutrals and accents is the same. Lip and nail colors vary into pinks and browns, too, not just red. Shoes should match the belt and the bag is more flexible and evening wear should be in one color or two with more emphasis on shiny with shiny and flat with flat colors. Like you said with gold and silver, never wear diamonds with pearls and neither before noon, though some pieces do mix them but that’s mostly evening jewellery not for day wear. What do you think?
Renuka Shinde (3 months ago)
I'm from India and mostly women here are not afraid to experiment with colours you can even see bold colour combination like pink and orange along with gold. Women don't shy away from accesories either usual pairings are statement earrings, bangels anklets.
Sarah Leach (3 months ago)
Hoppy holidays justine. Have been studying french style alot. You are my favorite source for all things French. You have been a great teacher for fashion better than fashion school.🤗😊
labulabu (4 months ago)
The very general style for Indonesian people is as follows : -For the age group of 12-35 years old, wearing hijab or not, blue jeans are essential. Usually bought from local department stores. Paired it with button down shirts with variety of colors(any other color except white, white button downs are only for exams and job interviews). A simple t shirt match with a cardigan is also common for girls, for guys a hoodie with a t shirt(in Indonesia people prefer to wear long sleeves because the weather is so hot people try to not get burned skin) -A backpack or a sling on bag -Flats for girls and sneakers for guys, stylish sandals -Minimal make up mostly pink colors, usually only lip products -People rarely wear ankle boots here or any type of boots it is considered weird, its also weird to wear hats as a fashion statement other than a normal cap -Hair in a pony tail or loose natural wavy hair with a side bang, if colored usually only slightly reddish or brownish -Guys have very neat cut, no bangs, buzz cut, like guys in the army, no facial hair -Nails with inai(herb infused coloring)
Polina Polina (4 months ago)
there has always been something special about French women , not only an exquisite beauty and style, but the demeanour and the way of thinking, they are truly a high class women
Indigo Socratus (4 months ago)
I am an Armenian lady and the above description of a French woman perfectly depicts me :P (p.s. I've never been to France ;)
Athena Pearl (4 months ago)
Canada: 1.) try your best to follow French chic style rules 2.) monotone is always in style : black, taupe, grey , dusty rose are favourites 3.) muted pastels or neons for accents 4.) mixing metals seems to be a thing : gold, silver, rose gold etc. 5.) so many cultures = lots of intricate patterns , colours and textures allowed 6.) kickin it casual is always a must : tights, mukluks (winter moccasin boots) plaid button down or hockey jersey of preference --usually paired with a downfilled vest or chunky sweater and toques. Can't forget toques. Pretty much we are always ready to change into our casual clothes and go shovel snow, go fishing /hunting or stay inside and binge watch Netflix over 6-8 months of winter.... 7.) we are crazy about boots. But like, real boots. The kind you can wear in -40C. And parkas. Grey goose, north face and Eddie Bauer are timeless. 8.) jackets. We have a lot of jackets . Everyone seems to have at least one wool coat...and probably a vintage fur hat too. 9.) sneakers. Seriously. And crocs. 10.) people are very interested in trends . You will see one thing this year and then poof. Never again. Except for plaid. May plaid never die.

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