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Real Bride | Engagement/Nikaah Asian Bridal Makeup | Gold Smokey Eyes And Bright Pink Lipstick

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Bookings Inquiries: Humera Mehrban Based in North East England Email: [email protected] Facebook: Makeup By Humera Instagram: makeupbyhumera Tel: 07451382342
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Text Comments (50)
_almua_ _ (2 years ago)
She looked nice in this
Rukshana Begum (2 years ago)
really beautiful ! mashallah well done bbe <3
Madina Mehak (2 years ago)
where iz your parlour
bella collins (2 years ago)
she looks soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!
Arham Suhail (2 years ago)
Feel sorry for u cause people getting credit for all ur beautiful unique amazing inspiring work😘💄💕💓💙💜💅🏻👄💋
Arham Suhail (2 years ago)
People are coping all your videos and all your hard work
Tillionairee (2 years ago)
what highlighter did you use on her? :)
Eisha krystle (2 years ago)
:-o u r such a pro mashaallah
Youssra Boulaaouin (2 years ago)
Whats the name of the song?
Shwet Shwetha (2 years ago)
R Farooq (2 years ago)
I love this song it's absolutely beautiful and so is the bride when you have finished sanamre my favourite song
Asra beautiful (2 years ago)
Assalamuallaikum very beautiful makeup plz tell me which foundation u used.....:-)
Burberrygirl (2 years ago)
Beautiful! I want that highlighter, please!
Fathima asma (2 years ago)
masha Allah 👌
MARIA Khan (2 years ago)
Awesom I Just love it 😀
Asra Bibi (2 years ago)
MashAllah bhut khob kaam ha ap ka
Siti Jumiyati (2 years ago)
So beautiful
Aisha Anwar (2 years ago)
I love ur work it's amazing soo wanna get my make up done from you
Sanna Hafiz (2 years ago)
jus subscribed because ur so talented😻i hope this is not personal tho wat happened to ur wrists?
sajjad tsf (2 years ago)
soo nice makeup Mashallaha!!!!😚😘😙😍😗
She Shell (2 years ago)
That looks so gorgeous
Kaifebees Al Jaidi (2 years ago)
marvellous work i love too mam i love know the fiundation blending brush no n name
Annie's Makeup (2 years ago)
Naina Dhumal (2 years ago)
Ur work is too good
Nirmal Romana (2 years ago)
Jhanvee Ramphul (2 years ago)
wooww this is pure
Pari Anusha (2 years ago)
beautiful masha ALLAH.*♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥
Shuja Bhinder (2 years ago)
veryyyyyy beautiful
iram begum (2 years ago)
Masha allah very nice makeup
Mariam Ahmed (2 years ago)
So I really want to learn
Mariam Ahmed (2 years ago)
Actually I don't know how to wear makeup perfectly
Mariam Ahmed (2 years ago)
Mariam Ahmed (2 years ago)
OMG OMG OMG You look really really beautiful
Nazish Taj (2 years ago)
soo pretty x
Hafsa Aziz (2 years ago)
ma-sha-allah your work 👌👍 left me speechless!!!
Dolley Doll (2 years ago)
congratulations to this bride...
Farzana Hussain (2 years ago)
Love ur work mashallah x
Rijiya Aktar (2 years ago)
Wow you are just so talented! Masha' Allah! I am such a big fan of your work, you make every bride look so beautiful on their special day! I wish i could do my wedding all over again and have you doing my makeup ❤️❤️❤️, keep up the amazing work! ❤️
Dua Eman (2 years ago)
awesome love it
Abdua Sadiq (2 years ago)
V nice x
Miss f g (2 years ago)
Hi. Please i want these song. Please i love the India
Nihad Az (2 years ago)
me encantaa!!!😍 masha allah
Ayesha (2 years ago)
Love your makeup! I can't wait to get married so i can get my makeup done by you!!!!
Sonia Begum (2 years ago)
AMAZING AS USUAL Maa Shaa Allah 😘❤️
Huma Noman (2 years ago)
beautifull. can u plz tell me the brushes numbers which u use for eye makeup.
Rosie Suleman (2 years ago)
Seriously so beautiful Masha'Allah 😍 All of your makeup looks are stunning xx
KiRann Alii (2 years ago)
Just pure magic in ur hands 💁🏻amazing jobb❤️
Naz Fatima (2 years ago)
The bride is really pretty Ma Shaa Allah
Nabiya H (2 years ago)
MA! Soo talented! There should be more MUA's like you, honestly never seen better xx
Uzmah K (2 years ago)
Omg amazing!

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