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How To Play Burned Games On PS2 With Out Modding It!!! (2018)

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YOU NEED SWAP MAGIC!!! Image Burn: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=Download# How to play burned games on ps2 with out modding
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EliteGeek79 (6 days ago)
couldn't you have edited this video so we don't have to see things not working? Thanks for the video though it was helpful.
Sophie Hlabangana (19 days ago)
Luv ps2
George (1 month ago)
Do we need to insert swap magic disk in the console every time we play a new game?
TwinkiesRock (1 month ago)
Zygroth (2 months ago)
How do you know It's model, I don't get it...
Unedited Gamer (2 months ago)
Game Sharks work as well, not many knew about this one tho. The disk has a ton of cheats on it and to load the cheats you first need to put Game Shark into the tray and select what you want. The disk than tells you to put the game in (which ever game you selected the cheats for) and the game just loads. You can jump straight to the menu that tells you to put the game in without selecting any cheats. By design the Game Shark can only work like this so even without selecting any codes you can than put the backed up game disk in. The Game Shark however since loaded first passed the authenticity check and once that has been done it does not try to validate the disks authenticity again even if you open the lid. Same idea as popping the tray open after it started to load and replacing the game with a backed up copy, it's just safer like this as the disk (when used with the Game Shark) will not be spinning and you run a significantly lower risk of scratching the original game you put into it for the check or the laser.
master (4 months ago)
it would be nice if you could explain how you could put in a cd and take out a cd in your ps2 without opening the cd drawer.since it looks like you have no top for your ps2.did you remove the case off your ps2 or what?
master (4 months ago)
+TwinkiesRock no clue what you mean
TwinkiesRock (4 months ago)
Napkin and straw trick. Its on youtube and its really simple.
MageCaster24 (5 months ago)
Dude you should totally do a Let's Play of Obscure. I definitely watch
Jørgen :D (5 months ago)
can i burn swapmagic to a dvd and use that instead of buying it?
Fuck You (11 days ago)
swapmagic is cheap on amazon site
reht trent (1 month ago)
+Charlie L. so you downloaded the iso of swap maginc and burnt it on a normal ps3 disk with a normal game like it could be gta vice city, and you just replaced vice city with swap magic??
TheBcoolGuy (2 months ago)
No. It relies on being an authentic PS2 disc to work. That said, you can use, say, a PS2 disc you're not so worried about, for verification.
Juan Alvarez (5 months ago)
Anas ff (5 months ago)
why in the hell there is 6 dislikes 😐😐😐
Tony D (6 months ago)
What exact model of elgato capture card do you have?
TwinkiesRock (4 months ago)
HD 60
youtube sucks (6 months ago)
"Without modding it" Uses SwapMagic
Unedited Gamer (2 months ago)
It's not a mod, SwapMagic just exploits a relatively minor feature on the system. When you load a game the system will check to see if it's an authentic PS disk. The disk does not contain any code to verify itself, which is why you can't just backup the game to a burnable dvd. The disk has a special pattern on the outer side of it (just a wavy design), burnable dvd's do not have this tho and while relatively minor it's enough to work as DRM. The system doesn't try to validate the games data as authentic or not it just checks to see if the disk was designed by Sony. This check happens very early on when loading and once it has verified it is in fact a Sony disk it does not try to re-evaluate the game. SwapMagic works because it has the wavy design on it since it is a legitimate game for the console all legitimate games have the wavy design but also a game with SwapMagic just being used to pass the verification step only. It's a safer option than just popping the disk tray open early on in the loading process and putting a burnt game in. The only real difference is the disk comes to a complete stop which removes a lot of the risk of damaging the game or the lens.
TwinkiesRock (6 months ago)
Swapmagic isn't modding your ps2 -.-
guysafari (7 months ago)
So uhhh... Does this also work with PS1 games?
humaneshadowx71 (3 months ago)
Lala Cool (7 months ago)
I have a Toshiba laptop, burning the CD is not harmful to my laptop?
Roast Police (4 months ago)
+Charlie L. Kek
Roast Police (5 months ago)
Burning things onto a disc doesn't actually heat it up or anything, it just puts your files onto it, that's all.
No its not
SpikefallYT (7 months ago)
as long as you dont set it on fire! ;)
yuNick (9 months ago)
do you insert the swap magic all the time before you play the burned disc? will your ps2 still play original disc after? thanks
Fuck You (11 days ago)
yes it can play original and burned anytime
Rich Brian (9 months ago)
Def Jam Fight for NY was so good. Seeing that it was $50 used on ebay made me wanna do this
TheKiller1999 (7 months ago)
oh ok thank you so much
Rich Brian (7 months ago)
+TheKiller1999 free mcboot is a softmod. All you need is the memory card and it will work
TheKiller1999 (7 months ago)
but i do not have a mod ps2 can it work
Rich Brian (7 months ago)
+TheKiller1999 if you use swapmagic or the straw and tape method, but it's way easier to buy a preloaded free mcboot memory card from ebay If you're able to set it up properly you could just stream games through ethernet. I'm here because I couldn't get that to work for me lol
TheKiller1999 (7 months ago)
but can it work without freemcboot???
mahan (9 months ago)
hey bro mine console is 0c can i mod it
Goblin Boiii (21 days ago)

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