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Photoshop: How to Create a Retro, 8-Bit Pixel Portrait from a Photo

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Photoshop CC 2017 tutorial showing how create fun, retro, 8-bit, pixel portrait from photos. Photo provided by http://www.shutterstock.com Image ID: 625536110 Royalty-Free Music provided by http://www.beatsuite.com High quality, copyright-free music for YouTube. Music track: “Retro Techno Assault” Give back some love to Blue Lightning TV by becoming my Patron for as little as $2/month: https://www.patreon.com/bluelightningtv BLTV TV Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bluelightningtv BLTV Website: http://www.bluelightningtv.com BLTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blue-Lightning-TV-330761246941375 BLTV Facebook “Subscriber Page”: https://www.facebook.com/BLTVsubscribers Tumblr: http://bluelightningtv.tumblr.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/bluelightningtv Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MartyGeller Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bluelightningtv LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/martygeller
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Text Comments (158)
Happy and single (11 days ago)
Can I use Krita to do this?
Sorry, I never used Krita.
Noodlez Yayo (17 days ago)
Great tutorial, thank you so much!
NathanSifuGaming (23 days ago)
Hmmm not quite sure if I'd use it for a photo, but this might work GREAT for illustrations that I'd like to turn into pixel art :D
brendan fastolfe (1 month ago)
I can't wait to try this!
аоаоао ъеь (1 month ago)
ничево не понятно я российский
Для субтитров (переведенных подписей) нажмите значок «CC» понизу справа от видео, а потом нажмите «Русский». Переводы не безупречны, однако почти все из этого все еще понятно. Расскажите всем, кто желает обучаться либо улучшаться в Photoshop, чтоб подписаться на Blue Lightning TV. :-)
Nice video, pretty good technique for creating retro 8 bit graphics. You can also use software called Piskel to draw your own sprites I added this video to my blog, check it out here: https://creativemediatutorials.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/easy-technique-for-creating-8-bit-graphics/
alireza taleghani (1 month ago)
what if the back ground of our pic is not white?
Tampon_Jon (2 months ago)
Just a few weeks back i learned how to code my own game with the engine Godot. Would any pixel art designers like to team up with me in making a game?
TheGuyFrom89 (2 months ago)
Very cool this i will try!
Jimmy Jimmy (2 months ago)
tks you. good lesson. But it is too complicated . hahaha
when i go to fill my outline selections at the end it wont let me. says its uneditable.
HERO-ZUKI (2 months ago)
Just skip to 3:21 if you want to get to the point
Kelly Lambert (3 months ago)
Go to 7:13 if you are using CC for the final eyes and detail touches.
BFB_Fan 2019 (3 months ago)
afrodita077 (4 months ago)
gracias esta fantástico
sean paul lampon (5 months ago)
my color range highlight fuzz and range are grey out and can't be selected
Go to Image > Mode > RGB color, 8 bits/Channel
サイ (5 months ago)
vertitis (5 months ago)
General rule if you're going for the NES 8-bit you're gonna be limited to 4 colors on each sprite. 3 of which are colors and the 4th one is transparent. Now a few games did some tricks to get a few more colors for each sprite by doing overlapping sprites and patterns. This.. wouldn't be considered pixel art at all..
Chriddof (25 days ago)
I'd say it's akin to 16 bit pixel art. This looks like something from a VGA-graphics mode DOS point and click adventure, like the "portraits" from Sierra On-Line games. If you were aiming for that, this could be useful, but it's way off for a NES look as you mention.
Marilyn Williamson (6 months ago)
A VERY comprehensive tutorial .. thank you!
Jubei Kibagami (6 months ago)
The frequent little shortcut tips that many other instructors just blow over makes this the best of its kind on YouTube.
Rayan Abid (6 months ago)
I thought it was stan lee speaking 😂😂
lol. I've been told that many times. :-D
SatwaID (6 months ago)
Spoundless (6 months ago)
I can't tell if this is a robot voice or a real guy's voice lol
My HVSI (Human Voice Simulation Interface) was in test mode. ;-)
ッoOMEAWOo (7 months ago)
Jesus...Super creative.
Enmieron pistan (7 months ago)
give me please a intro
Ronel R Capunitan (8 months ago)
Ako ng
Ronel R Capunitan (8 months ago)
Doge FunChannel255 (8 months ago)
Press the enter key on your keyboard you hae the right answer!
Candra Ramdani (8 months ago)
Nice 👍
Gui Carvalho (8 months ago)
Have another option to cntrl L ? In my pc dont funciona
Click the Adjustment Layer icon and click "Levels". Clip it the layer below it by going to Layer > Create Clipping Mask.
Bran-Imation Productions (8 months ago)
close ur eyes at the beginning: hi, this is bard ie from bluud lightning tv!
EPICspy 380 (8 months ago)
La version española
Al hacer clic en el símbolo "cc" en la parte inferior del video, puede elegir "Español" para su traducción. Los subtítulos no son perfectos, pero la mayoría es comprensible. :-)
Ph B (8 months ago)
Camille Butac (9 months ago)
How can I open the levels after adjusting the shadows and highlights? I'm clicking ctrl + l, but it doesn't appear.
The shortcut keys don't work on Smart Objects. You have to use Levels as an Adjustment Layer.
Oliver Ps (9 months ago)
he's mexican now
Byffon (9 months ago)
я 1 здесь дурачина ясн
ivan hernandez (10 months ago)
im learn english whit this turorial
Solve Everything (10 months ago)
Someone needs to make a photoshop-action for this.
Hiba Jad (10 months ago)
Sebastián De La Maza (10 months ago)
for some reason, marquee tool won´t snap to the grid, i´m using photoshop CC please help
Cassibox Design (10 months ago)
Merquise V. (10 months ago)
LOVE your channel!
Art Tur (10 months ago)
Nice dude!!!
b_l_cba (11 months ago)
I love this dudes voice
Valentina Licht (11 months ago)
This is so nicee <3 i love it <3
Han Peizhi (11 months ago)
Nostalgic Gaming (11 months ago)
damn.. the japanese did this...
Yehya Wagdy (11 months ago)
what's the cmd
"Cmd" is the "Command" key on the Mac keyboard. The function is the same as the "Ctrl" key on the Windows keyboard.
KeatonTheRook (11 months ago)
The Goof (11 months ago)
Let me just add.. that this is sort of how they used to do digitized photos into graphics for games like Mortal Kombat back in the old days.
The Goof (11 months ago)
I don't think people understand what 8 bit is. It's a limit in color mainly, and there are too many colors in use with that pixel art for it to be 8 bit. It's more like 16 bit or maybe 32. bits also has to do with the size of sprites. 8 bit would be like.. NES. Pixel looking art? Yes.. but 8 bit? No.
Potatitis (2 months ago)
Thank you
Kojow7 (2 months ago)
Typically, 8-bit refers to the processor itself. It indicates how much data it can handle at one time. In theory, an 8-bit processor would be able to handle 2^8 pieces of information at one time (which is 256). While the NES that you refer to did have an 8-bit processor, it did not handle anywhere close to 8-bit graphics. The SNES on the other hand, had a 16-bit processor, but was capable of handling 8-bit images.
Jhon Titor (3 months ago)
Finally... someone with a light
OKALOID XI (3 months ago)
goof easy peezy lemon squeezy. just use gimp, posterize, then set the levels to 8 for the true 8-bit color experience
OKALOID XI (3 months ago)
it can, but almost all computers store bits in packets of 8's, 16's, and 32's. so if you're storing 24 bits of data, of a color, in a pixel, then it might be probably stored in a packet of a 32-bit memory. some software uses the 8 remaining bits of that memory for transparency or commonly the alpha channel please don't trust all of these infos (teehee!). i'm still on my first sem in computer engineering but if you want to know more, just search up color depth in wikipedia. here, i'll paste the link for you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_depth
Abro Bro (11 months ago)
Ninja Hajame (1 year ago)
Too much detail tutorial. Shortly would be enough) Thanks.
lol. Most viewers aren't as experienced on PS as you are and therefore appreciate the level of detail in my tutorials.
Stu Art (1 year ago)
this is fantastic
Nomad Blair (1 year ago)
this is really kind tutorial I have never seen. thank you so much:-)
Sapphire Elk (1 year ago)
The colour is black!
KuroiShi (1 year ago)
8:11 how do you do that zoom thingy ?
It's a feature in my screen recording software.
Jack Jerson Show (1 year ago)
estos si son tutoriales, *NEW SUB, AND GOOD JOB*
McRom37 (1 year ago)
that was cool marty my boy
Jessie Sasser (1 year ago)
Starts at 3:20
Jessie Sasser (1 year ago)
Blue Lightning TV Photoshop this was all I really needed to see. The first 3 minutes weren't really necessary imo.
Badhon Ebrahim (1 year ago)
danm i love the intro music.
Me, too!
Loved this tutorial thank you so much
F99 (1 year ago)
If it's not aligned exactly 6:55 ... try again. Yes and that's what it's all about.
The Headless Soldier (1 year ago)
My version of Photoshop has it to where I can't use new guide layout
Sarah Hasran. (1 year ago)
Your tutorial awesome ! I could catch up every single thing you teach. Thank you !
Rene Armenta (1 year ago)
El Komander :v
The best Tutorials tbh
Nero (1 year ago)
Damn. That's just what I need for my game project. Amazing video!
AlexisNuma (1 month ago)
+TheImperialKerbalUnion yea tried this did not work out for me im a programer and a good one but my problem is i cant draw or do art for shit ive failled every art class since the first grade truth be told i have a indepth writing disorder that contributes to this called disgraphia along with a spacing issue and i dont exactly have 40k to drop to hire a artist either so this looks like a great solution
Nero (1 year ago)
Thank you! Same to you!
Nero yh, its much more natural making it from scratch. You also learn a lot of artistic skills along the way. I mostly make art for my own games. It makes it feel much more personal. Good luck with your games and happy coding!
Nero (1 year ago)
Funny, because that's exactly what I ended up with... :D
You get much cleaner and sharper graphics if you make the pixel art from scratch. In my opinion this "8bit" portrait looks awful and quite ugly due to the low contrast between tones and the amount of variations of color on the skin. Search up some pixel art tutorials on youtube if you aren't great at pixel art.
NO NICK (1 year ago)
very nice
Oluwa Femi (1 year ago)
NIce.....can you do a tutorial on how to turn a picture into a cartoon??
Go to my YouTube channel & click on the magnifying glass icon (next to “About”). In the “Search Channel” field, type in, “cartoon” or "comic".
Krzysztof Kajpust (1 year ago)
too bad that's not pixelart
Adelia Khairunnisa (1 year ago)
wow! i like this one! thank you!
Gun R.J (1 year ago)
i cant see them windows for with and height when i click on crop tool? can you help
Expedição Margarita (1 year ago)
nice one man!
Josh Harkness (1 year ago)
I cant get my guides to match up perfectly with the squares. Any ideas were i went wrong?
Nikolai Mitov (5 months ago)
You didn't chose the right amount of Cell Size when you pixelate it. It's the same to me, so I am trying to understand what I have to do if I want another cell size...
Sagars51 (1 year ago)
I tried doing this tutorial earlier but the part I found difficult was giving details to the face
ErCapoAlex (1 year ago)
Epic :)
Michael Thee (1 year ago)
Great tutorial!
Tool J. Gil (1 year ago)
You explain very good, tnkx for the tuto. You're amazing!
YUSUF HASEKİ (1 year ago)
Sethu C A (1 year ago)
but drawing over it is meh. If one can avoid THAT then it is cool.
Mackenzie Feng (1 year ago)
ST.Riley Perreault (1 year ago)
Thank you for this tutorial! It's very entertaining to follow along with your simple steps that you give, and in the end of the tutorial, my picture always looks good! Thank you Marty for this great tutorial. Take care and enjoy your hobbies.
Awesome tutorial sir
Simon Rolfe (1 year ago)
Ace that mate
Jorge Rosa (1 year ago)
(Another) Awesome tutorial! There's nothing else I can say (again) besides a big... THANKYOU!
Blue Planet Music (1 year ago)
BLUE FOX Creation (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial
Manolo Blemish (1 year ago)
Hi Marty... I have a question. When I convert into a smart object I can't adjust characteristics such as levels or modify highlights in color range selection. ¿What Can I do?, Thank You.
Lil Bleach (1 year ago)
Dude you're always killing it
Scarlet (1 year ago)
Brilliant as always.
Eric Garcia (1 year ago)
"Hi!" Is hi is funny to me for some reason
Jhon Titor (3 months ago)
*"Hi!" is funny to me for some reason. YW
gameingwith hyperLT (7 months ago)
pollux (1 year ago)
Awesome tutorial think you could do some more space tutorials soon those are just awesome!
I've done many space tutorials. Go to my YouTube channel & click on the magnifying glass icon (next to “About”). In the “Search Channel” field, type in, “space”.
MASHUP CREATOR (1 year ago)
It’s really what I need! Thank you
RocketMash (1 year ago)
Hi dude! Your edits are really cool and I am looking for people that knows how to edit (like you) to give some advice about my videos, Im also starting in this world, visit my channel and tell me how i am doing!! KEEP DOING THIS, YOU ARE AWESOME!!
great! thanks
theklubking (1 year ago)
Great video man! Been wanting to try to make some thing like this forever
Harun Küf (1 year ago)
Fun vid

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