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download swap magic free

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this is a torrent and download's faster download it (link:thepiratebay.org/torrent/3469150/SwapMagic_v3.6_CD___DVD_PS2) and extract all files now burn to cd with nero burn to dvd or cd open nero and select dvd or cd and click burn image to disc and after burning put on your ps2 it works and for more like usb loader and media player for ps2 mail me at [email protected]
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owgames (1 year ago)
I've ripped tons of discs think about it Sony obviously doesn't take highly of such things so someone somewhere had to have a PC and know how to do shit so if you make a exact copy of what would be on that disc it should work with the right software however I don't recommend ImgBurn for the job but I do with "DVD decrypter" and I would suggest using with build in windows disc image burner (which is a Windows 7 luxury) screw windows 10 and all others win 7 for life... either use the windows disc image burner or use nero (I have not tested nero for this but I do know it worked for a lot of shit)
asnat farooq (2 years ago)
i need a cd for burn??
Alexandre hould (2 years ago)
asnat farooq (2 years ago)
i can do it with img burn??
Tidiest Flyer (3 years ago)
You can do the swap trick with a ps1 game to pull up swap magic on a cd (ps1 format disc) then use that to boot another disc which is you're ps2 bakcup (dvdr format disc). I have not tried, but I believe it could work.
TheFallenAngel420 (4 years ago)
To those saying you can use this to boot it from an earlier version of swap magic, just go buy the updated version you scrub. Get mommy to buy it for you or whatever. It's friggin $20 for every ps2 game from every region ever made free, plus homebrew, plus mods (like translation patches). Hell, use the earlier version to install Free McBoot and you can toss those outdated frisbees in the trash cuz youll never need them again. (you should keep it though, just in case =P)
TheFallenAngel420 (4 years ago)
This guy is a fake, DO NOT bother to download. Swap Magic is made with a special laser that 99% of people in the world don't have access to. I repeat, you CAN NOT burn swap magic with a normal DVD drive. You MUST buy a copy of this disc set in order for it to work properly. HOWEVER, think of it this way..... Magic Swap = $20 = EVERY GAME EVER MADE FOR PS2 FREE = million dollar value. TOTALLY worth it imo. Please vote this comment up so all the wanna-be pirates stop filling our landfills with more coasters.
shavez khan (9 months ago)
TheFallenAngel420 what?
Naruto Uzumaki (4 years ago)
Good backup for fucked up swap magics take care of youre disc always have "backups"
camayotutoriales (5 years ago)
http://kickass.to/swap-magic-ps2-t5354143.html NEW AND BEST LINK!!!!
Leonardo Estrela (4 years ago)
don't works
unpossible11 (5 years ago)
I downloaded the cd version to a disk and tryed putting it in but it wouldnt work. And i have mcboot
plz help guys! i have a non modded and non chipped ps2 slim that can install free mcboot and i dont know how to!help?
Jaegar Ultima (2 years ago)
If they put the information ONTO a disc it's burned in a specific way. That's all. It's burned in a way we don't know about otherwise a bootleg copy of it would work no problem.
Leonardo (3 years ago)
How did you install it can you help me
DWMCrasher98 (4 years ago)
You can't download and use Swap Magic The only way to make it work is by buying Swap Magic
Mario Krouza (5 years ago)
kokot nejde to
Evanescence_1981 (5 years ago)
Why are you all that silly? Swap magic "burnt". The whole point of swap magic is to play burnt disks. If you already found a way to play burnt disks then why would you need swap magic? Fucking logic meh.
Ciaran McGreevy (4 years ago)
+Aiden Strife Hey mate, I just come across my old slim ps2. its softmoddable i believe scph-70003. is it just as simple as getting a hold of swap magic files, burning them to cd and doing the exploit? or do i need anymore. thanks
Aiden Strife (4 years ago)
Not all games are playable by one method alone like ESR. Swap magic will run games that ESR wont and vice versa. Not to mention Swap Magic 3.8 +Coder makes a great and easy gameshark tool for both burnt and retail copies of games. And yes it can run games from both NTSC and PAL regions and gives video options for them.
Evanescence_1981 (5 years ago)
oh, so they could play games from another region?
Blue Oak (5 years ago)
some people need swap magic to be "burnt"so they could play pal or ntsc games on freemcboot
Luc Gordon (5 years ago)
Enlighten us by showing us the way, Mr. IKnowWhatI'mDoing
heriocoak (5 years ago)
dont work
Benji Stoicanescu (5 years ago)
tried it you need the real swap magic dvd or cd to play burned ps2 games
YateLuna (1 month ago)
ik you gone probs but a ps2 slim from 2007 will work with burned games
anthony32198 (5 years ago)
Not technically. Not if you know what your doing :)
xirgi mimun (6 years ago)
Is a beautifull.. XD
P (6 years ago)
so this will doesn't work right? does anyone know what can I do with a game for ntcs and my ps2 slim pal? I really need help :(
DjStiv3 (6 years ago)
what if you have a swap magic and its scratched up my disc works but i mean if it gets real bad and stops working what buy another? thats gay especially considerig theyre like 40 bucks
King Quan Productions (6 years ago)
do you need the actual swap magic disk for this to work
TheAllRounder1100 (6 years ago)
where to buy in new zealand
Ra100 (6 years ago)
yea fucking ass on my shit
chris (1 year ago)
Badokami (6 years ago)
That....makes alot of sense. I never thought of that before.
Pedro Brandao (6 years ago)
does it works on my ps2?? my ps2 has mcboot instaled in the memory card
Michael Arthur Long (6 years ago)
PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS1 is now dead
manual nirmal (6 years ago)
it does not work
Dying Inside (7 years ago)
@ChocoboDreams Yes, you could. You could also get the .ELF file somewhere, if you also have Free McBoot installed on your memory card.
bikecentral12 (7 years ago)
il progamma funziona nche se non ai la modifica
Luismi (7 years ago)
sirve grabando en un dvd el dvd swap magic?
Ulcar (7 years ago)
can I use this on fmcb esr?
ChocoboDreams (7 years ago)
@xElvewatfordx I have Swap Magic 3.8, which I paid for, because I can't find 3.6 anywhere. Naturally, knowing my luck, it doesn't run as many games as 3.6 does (go figure). The worse part? There's no list of games out there that are compatible with 3.8, so I just wasted three discs trying to get .hack Infection to work. Would I be able to burn 3.6 to a disc and boot it off of 3.8, like you're implying?
CliveGains80s (7 years ago)
will this work of blank disc as I want i ps2 console only to play Konami nba 2005 japan?
truska4life (7 years ago)
Wont work unless u have real swap magic disc and thats a fact ... like honestly if u had swap magic ud know why just by looking at the bottom of the disc lol
Zacharias. (7 years ago)
when i download it i need something to open it with
Ronan Vonk (7 years ago)
@supercoolninjayo because swap magic costs 35$ no matter what this is an illegal way of obtaining it
Dman Lolno (7 years ago)
YAAAAAY. Ive always wanted to download Swap Magic just for the sake of downloading it.
shadowpal2 (7 years ago)
can you please take this video down. ...just for the gaming community? Because you're really confusing them a lot by making them think that you can just download SwapMagic. OF COURSE you CAN download it...but it doesn't work. You need the actual SwapMagic disk...in order to play PS2 games!
khuonggoku Vu (7 years ago)
@xElvewatfordx ??
Dying Inside (7 years ago)
Guys, it can be useful, for example you need Swap Magic 3 to play some games (compatibility) but you have Swap Magic 2, you can download SM3 and boot it from SM2 to play the game you need SM3 for... Think about it before trolling.
Lil Shady Gaming (7 years ago)
men i had a trouble i do exactly what you do but the ps2 slim doesn't read the disc what`s the problem??
Kyonko (7 years ago)
@johnarka but you re-live the classics
Mark Andrews (7 years ago)
Pointless video!
Sule Cuber (7 years ago)
you are sitll playing gta vice city and gta 3 in 2009. they are out of date
Looney Goons Gaming (7 years ago)
hey can you teach me how to install it
james marsh (7 years ago)
you suppose to buy the real disc
megadragon12 (7 years ago)
The Razzle (7 years ago)
What the hell is the point of this..?
Kayliox (7 years ago)
Kayliox (7 years ago)
@tuluhanbozkurt13 men you have to block the sensors with paper
JPtv3000 (7 years ago)
If you u cant explain what your doing with audio please dont make how to's vids
michael h (7 years ago)
@sangrentocousin @blakbull11 shut up.
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
@blakbull11 hahahaha grow up
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
@Raymen2000 damn right
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
@blakbull11 FUCK YOU i have 40 games on my terrabyte all downloaded from torrents the games in my videos are from torrents so stfu you know nothing NOOB ASS
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
@90FirstGenPGT now nothing this doesnt work
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
@blakbull11 hey sucker my friend used the original swap magic the 3.6 in my ps2 and it worked ok?? so STFU and stop making people download this crap
sangrentocousin (7 years ago)
JoshuaM (7 years ago)
Once downloaded, and burned... now what??
Freddie (7 years ago)
but the swap magic disc you copied its a backup cd how played in ps2 works like the original swap magic?
cj31501 (7 years ago)
Look people this vid is one big contradiction. Why would you put swap magic on a disc if the ps2 isn't gonna read it. That's why they press the disc like a ps2 disc so that it works in a ps2. If u put it on a blank disc its not gonna read unless you get swap magic to load swap magic but that's just dum
Xektor Official (7 years ago)
the link don't work
Alex Mods (7 years ago)
ok im using imgburn and i do same thing but with img burn and it dont show up with swapmagic3.6 or what ever y not?
Picho O (7 years ago)
this works?
Picho O (7 years ago)
and this is aviable to a cd? (i can burn?)
BON (7 years ago)
@Raymen2000 Yeah.. #LOL
Javik Protthean (7 years ago)
@purpleanimeb9s only 23 dollar? then send me "only" 23 dollar to my adress ask your mother she knows it
Javik Protthean (7 years ago)
@Raymen2000 TROLL
Javik Protthean (7 years ago)
@vicenturion1 8.8sshitlerversion
Tony stark (7 years ago)
hey buddy i must say u think we r dumb over here watching ur video but but the site 4m which u r downloading swap magic software have u checked the comments first check & say it doesn't works it needs original swap magic software which is in gb not mb dumb
Ryan Ventro (7 years ago)
so basicly this wont work unless u have a modded ps2 anyways... whats the point of this then?
Lord Erdrick (8 years ago)
This is pointless. It is impossible to replicate the required Burst Cutting Area on any burnable media by using a consumer or "commercial" grade burner, which IS required by the ACTUAL PS2 hardware and IS the main purpose of Swap Magic. Just because it works on an emulator doesn't mean it actually performed its INTENDED purpose.
theDownloader12qwert (8 years ago)
it wont work!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!! i bought 15 dollar dvds and it wont work
ea vuth (8 years ago)
@Shitfuck493 hi, how to store the hack data on to the momory card? thanks.
ea vuth (8 years ago)
@Shitfuck493 does it really work? can u post a tutorial?
szor1 (8 years ago)
@PCgamer238 YOU ARE THE DUMBASS! learn about ESR and Free MCboot shithead!
MegaRAMHarddisk (8 years ago)
@irish1984 the emulator will load it cause it doesnt look for offical stuff =/ i made a backup and used it on pcsx2 it worked so i was like YEAH. puts in ps2 "put in a playstation or playstation 2 format disc in"
Simon Steven (8 years ago)
whats your nero ? is it burnlite or back and burn or multimedia.................. please tell me which one ????
mysteryo2000 (8 years ago)
@ir102 yes it's modded!
mysteryo2000 (8 years ago)
Waste of time and DVD's ! mod your ps2 a.s.shole with a modchip or use MAgic Swap original dvd! or buy original games,support the producers!
CodeRap (8 years ago)
hey i have a ps2 which can play backup games that means he is modded?
giodemon (8 years ago)
@AsphaltClips thanx bro,you really saved my time !
nonpoint123 (8 years ago)
Lol download swap magic and burn it then buy swap magic and use the swap magic to use swap magic to play a game.
Hiromu656 (8 years ago)
There's no way to download it and have it function correctly. I like to torrent things too, but there's simply no way around this, so just buy it or don't.
Swap Magic is a physical CD and DVD and sliding tool that you'll have to buy. Maybe you can download those files, but you can't burn them and use them!
jorge m (8 years ago)
so every time that you want to play a game , you have to put the swap cd and then change it for the burned cd right?
Victor V (8 years ago)
@AsphaltClips That's exacly what I was thinking, if a normal ps2 could even read burned dvds/cds then why would you even have to mod it? And if you have the chip it's obviously pointless to burn it when you could be burning backups.
UshoZeek (8 years ago)
@AsphaltClips Seriously? So the only way to use swap magic is by buying it? O: Which someone would have told me earlierr.
kanucu (8 years ago)
@AsphaltClips Dude do u know if i copy a swap magic Cd it works?
demonwolfdawg (8 years ago)
I have FMCB, and game shark 2 v4 will not work with FMCB So how can I boot swap magic with FMCB? I tried putting the .elf of swap magic 3.6 on my PSP (flash drive broke) and swap magic screen comes up and then screen goes black
kongbook10 (8 years ago)
@k1o01 its ntsc-j
kongbook10 (8 years ago)
LStarz Gaming (8 years ago)
@CHECCKKER how dose this work
the_bith (8 years ago)
@darkdragoon1000 yes it works perfectly sry for my englisch im german ^^
the_bith (8 years ago)
cool thank you i hope it works ^^
Ste ame (8 years ago)
no when you have made your swap magic cd, you have selected the cd folder and not dvd folder.. would there have been any difference? i want to try to make a cd like you, i have found the swap magic files i need to write on the cd, but after having done everything, are you sure that it will work on my ps2? oh i live in europe :) waiting for your answer ;)
Ste ame (8 years ago)
why have you shoosen cd and not dvd? what difference there would have been? plz reply me ;)
PeekabooNasty (8 years ago)
go to iIMEAGAINSTTHEWORLD!'s channel. He has a video on how to modify ps2. It works.
Chris agnostos (8 years ago)
@pgf95 it is not as you want or at least as you see it swano magic for example does not get sell in my country so? what am i going to do i dont want to mod chip my ps2 i prefer to take a hammer and hit it untill nothing left :PPPPPPPPPP
JailRec (8 years ago)
lol this defeats the purpose cuz you would need SWAPMAGIC to use it or have a moded ps2
gaherrs10 (8 years ago)
what is the name of dvd which i need?
Jack Miyamoto (8 years ago)
@EdgeRatedR007 I had a similar problem with version 3.6 DVD disk. My problem was that the dvd didn't sit flush in the ps2. Make sure all 3 prongs on the spinning unit of the ps2 are locked onto the dvd. Just work it into the unit until it is evenly locked in place. Hope that helps

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