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Alex - Willst Du (Original Video Clip)
Directed by: Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff Client: Endemol Deutschland GmbH / RTL Deutschland Location: Mallorca, Spain Date: 2000
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Walter - Ich geh nicht ohne Dich - Video clip
Directed by: Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff Client: Endemol Deutschland GmbH / RTL Deutschland Location: Cologne, Germany Date: 2000
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Verena - Ist das alles - BigBrother clip 2000
Directed by: Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff Client: Endemol Deutschland GmbH / RTL Deutschland Location: Mallorca Spain Date: 2000
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Jürgen - Ich Bin Da (Original Video Clip)
Directed by: Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff Client: Endemol Deutschland GmbH / RTL Deutschland Location: Cologne, Germany Date: 2000
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Yanmar Corporate Promotion Clip
Edited by Paolo de Graaff for Yanmar Marine International: Yanmar Marine is a global business dedicated to boating. Within the multinational Yanmar organisation it is responsible for all leisure marine products, markets and customer service. It is headquartered in The Netherlands. Yanmar Marine is structured to facilitate maximum enjoyment of leisure time spent on the water. Yanmar Marine is completely dedicated to boating. With regional headquarters in Europe, the United States, South East Asia and Japan, plus full-scale sales and service support facilities in more than 130 countries, it is dedicated to all the needs of boat builders, dealers and their customers across the world. Yanmar Marine offers engines, drive systems and accessories for all types of boats, from runabouts to sailboats, and from cruisers to mega yachts. In marine leisure boating, the worldwide reputation of Yanmar Marine is second to none. The entity Yanmar Marine, headquartered in Almere (Netherlands), is part of the Yanmar Company Ltd. Japan, and was established in 2002.
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Bløf - Oktober (Unplugged)
Unplugged version of the song "Oktober" by Bløf Camera: Rick Strooper Audio: Raymond Rol Edited by Paolo de Graaff Year: 2008
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HARRY - Mir Kann Keiner
Videoclip of German Big Brother player HARRY. Recorded in Miami. Directed by Michael Stahlschmidt and camera operated by Paolo de Graaff
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Aquabella Fish Farm
A industrial film about the biggest indoor fishfarm in the world where they breed the Baramundi in the heart of the Green Forrest in UK. Produced, directed, camera and edited by Paolo de Graaff
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Ice Fishing in Greenland
The dream of a German fisher is to go out for fishing in Greenland between the Ice rocks and mountains. A timeless short documentary with beautiful views of Greenland, shot by the Dutch cameraman Paolo de Graaff.
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Tanzania - the land of Hugo van Lawick
A German lady visited the camp of the famous wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick at Ndutu on the Serengeti planes in Tanzania. Visiting lions at close range was her most emotional experience. Filmed by the Dutch cameraman Paolo de Graaff
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Transport of the SBX-1 Radar station from Corpus Christie (USA) to Hawaii. Filmed and edited by Paolo de Graaff
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Renate Kann - Nix Wie Weg
German TV Voice and moderator Renate Kann http://www.renate-kann.de/ during one of her presentations for the German TV program "Nix Wie Weg" Directed by Michael Stahlschmidt. Camera Paolo de Graaff Location: Miami Beach Date: 2000
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Anouska Wink is a Dutch model actress and presenter. it was great working with talented person like her! She's a Pro! Filmed and edited in HD (High Definition) by VideoArtist Paolo de Graaff.
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Spectaculair shot's of a Dakar Rally car type: Desert Warrior. Powered by a BMW Diesel engine... See what it can do in the dessert in the dunes at the set of STAR WARS by a temperature of 55 C !!!
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Andrea & John - Gewinner (Original Video Clip)
Directed by: Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff Client: Endemol Deutschland GmbH / RTL Deutschland Program: Big Brother Deutschland - Gewinner 1e staffel Location: Mallorca, Spain Date: 2000 Andrea & John - Gewinner von Big Brother Allstars Songtext Big Brother Allstars - Andrea & John - Gewinner Sieger sein - Sieger sein - jeder kann ein Sieger sein Sieger sein (yeah) - Sieger sein Ich bin der John - die meisten kennen mich schon Ich hab' in meinem Leben noch nie was gewonnen Doch dann hab' ich diese Chance bekommen Hab' nicht lange überlegt - hab' sie wahr genommen Wir sind zusammen in dieses Haus gegangen Und damit hat dann alles angefangen Wir haben dort sehr viel Spaß gehabt Verbrachten mit Shakesbeer die ganze Nacht Ich war der Puck - und ich Dimitrius Auch haben wir gestritten - gemeinsam gelitten Doch ging einer raus - wir hielten's kaum aus Refrain1: Jürgen, Zlatko und Verena - Alex, Jona und Despina Kerstin, Jana und Sabrina - alle sind Gewinner Refrain2: Jeder kann ein Sieger sein - Sieger sein - Sieger sein Jeder kann ein Sieger sein - Sieger sein (yeah)- Sieger sein Jeder kann ein Sieger sein - Sieger sein - Sieger sein Jeder kann ein Sieger sein Sieger sein - Sieger sein - jeder kann ein Sieger sein Sieger sein yeah Sieger sein - jeder kann ein Sieger sein Ich habe viel gelacht und hab' es gern gemacht Doch eins hätt ich wirklich nie gedacht Das wir mal zusammen hier oben steh'n Doch jetzt wissen wir - Wunder geschehen Du kannst nur gewinnen - hast nichts zu verlieren Leb deinen Traum - dann wird es passieren Du kannst alles erreichen - wenn du nur willst Leb deinen Traum - den du in dir spürst Refrain1 2x wiederholen Refrain2 1x wiederholen Sieger sein "bleib dir selber treu" - "denke positiv" Jeder kann ein Sieger sein Sieger sein - Sieger sein "und alles wird gut" Jeder kann ein Sieger sein Sieger sein - Sieger sein Sieger sein - Sieger sein Refrain2 1x wiederholen
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PART 2: FOREVER YOUNG - Playboy shoot with Oldest Playmate of the World Patricia Paay (60)
MISSED PART 1 ? check this link: http://youtu.be/__8TjMJuchE Patricia Paay has been officially titled as "Oldest Playmate of the World" by the Guiness Book of Records organization. Enjoy the beauty of a woman who is Forever Young! (PART 2) Cinematography & Editing: Paolo de Graaff Photography: Philip Riches MUA: Pernell Kusmus This is a production of Hillywood Media Artworks by Paolo de Graaff Check this link if you have missed PART 1: http://youtu.be/__8TjMJuchE
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Andrea - Du Fehlst Mir - BigBrother Clip 2000
Directed by Michael Stahlschmidt Camera: Paolo de Graaff We shot this video on the island of Mallorca in Spain for BigBrother Germany in 2000.
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Sue Moreno - The Beach Shoot.mov
A short clip of Sue Moreno during her beach shoot in 2012. http://www.suemoreno.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Miss.Sue.Moreno
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This is the videoclip of the German Big Brother player Sabrina. Directed by Michael Stahlschmidt und camera operated by Paolo de Graaff
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This month Playmate Jess Donckers, TV host from GUNKtv in Belgium. Camera and edited by: Paolo de Graaff For more pictures and info check: http://www.playboy.nl/index.php?pageId=insider_videojukebox&unid=374 and http://www.playboy.nl/index.php?pageId=insider_videojukebox&unid=373
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PURE by Frank de Mulder
A PORTRET OF TOP GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHER FRANK DE MULDER SHOOTING IN NAMIBIA. In a mixture of Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh he shoots provocative and pure beauty at the same time . No photoshop trics in this video CINEMATOGRAPHY BY PAOLO DE GRAAFF For more info: http://www.frankdemulder.com PURE (THE BOOK) WILL BE AVAILABLE SEPT 2010 WORLDWIDE A new title of teNeues Publishing
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Self drive safari in BOTSWANA [Part.2 of 2]
A well organized safari in one of the most beautiful area's of Africa: "The Okavanga Delta". An short documentary in 2 parts of this wonderful trip. Filmed and edited by the Dutch cameraman Paolo de Graaff
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The Beatles live in Blokker-YouTube
Playing with my iPhone..... the stabilizer makes it look like ..... drunk (This is just a test)
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SLIPJACHT 2009 - Wiemesmeer, Zutendaal, Limburg (B)
Voor meer info: http://www.slipjacht.be Fotografie: Paolo de Graaff
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I'm Looking Out The Window" by Sue Moreno
www.suemoreno.com 'Excerpt from the various photo and cinematographic sessions with glamour star photographer Paolo Arturo de Graaff. Tease for the forthcoming exclusive Sue Moreno glamour booklet with never before seen photos' www.SueMoreno.com
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Björn Borg Summer Fashion 2008
A good way to display accessories during a fashion show...filmed and edited by the Dutch cameraman Paolo de Graaff.
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The Orangutans of Borneo
The Orangutans of Borneo are famous. The dream of a German woman was to visit their habitat. Filmed by the Dutch cameraman Paolo de Graaff.
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Towards The Endless Sea www.ingeborghelder.com Ingeborg Helder - vocals, Rob van Bavel - piano, Wim Bronnenberg - guitar, Udo Pannekeet - bass, Marcel Serierse - drums. Cinematography by Paolo de Graaff - Photography by Govert de Roos
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CHANGE YOUR LIFE          by Elisa
Elisa Rutten, Fashion advisor, styliste
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The Award Winner
Yes, i've got some famous friends... This is just one of them.
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Henk Speelman - KONOSCH
Fragment speech Henk Speelman - 30 jaar KONOSCH
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The Common Linnets live at Bloemendaal
Live concert of The Common Linnets with lead vocal Ilse de Lange....
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Manten Sunset Sail 2014 v2
Manten Sunset Sail 2014 Een geweldige leuke ervaring met de sloepjes over de Vecht en de Loosdrechtse Plassen. www.bootverhuur-loosdrecht.nl
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Joe Cocker's private party performance
A short fragment of Joe Cocker's performance during a private VSOP Party in Belami's, Bussum, The Netherlands. Friday 30th of November 2012.
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Manten Sunset Sail 2014
Een prachtige zwoele zomeravondtour met de sloepen van Bootverhuur Manten over de Vecht en de Loosdrechtseplassen.
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LUCKY MOMENT 11 02 2013
Falling ice is dangerous. See here how falling plates of 5 cm thick ice are falling from a truck who's crossing the bridge above. Big pieces of ice just fell next to my car and to the car who passed me... we call this an official Traffic Near Miss...
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Cinematography: Paolo de Graaff Photography: Govert de Roos Client: www.nondonoir.com
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De Reünie Mariaschool 1972 slideshow
Een impressie van de Reünie Mariaschool 1972 zondag 28 oktober 2012. Photography by: Hans van Goozen & Paolo de Graaff Edited by: Paolo de Graaff Music by: Randy Newman Title: "You've Got a Friend in Me" Record company: EMI
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15 januari 2013
Record traffic jam in Holland: 1007 km traffic jam.
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http://www.lxrymasters.nl/ De tiende editie van de Miljonair Fair / LXRY Masters is officieel geopend! Elle Macpherson, beter bekend als 'The Body', had de edele taak om het startschot te geven van een onvergetelijke vijfdaagse! Tot en met 12 december verwelkomen wij ruim 365 exposanten uit binnen- en buitenland en meer dan 50.000 genieters van al het moois dat de wereld te bieden heeft. Limited editions, collector's items, one-offs... Op de Miljonair Fair worden de meest bijzondere, authentieke en begerenswaardige producten en diensten aangeboden. De Fair biedt hét ideale podium voor het luxesegment - van onder andere kunst en antiek, bolides en sportauto's, jachten en sloepen, ambacht en design, horloges en juwelen, home entertainment, sound & vision tot reizen, hotels en resorts. Video production by: Hillywood Media Artworks - Paolo de Graaff Na de tiende editie van de Amsterdamse Miljonair-Fair verandert de wereldbekende beurs dit jaar haar naam in LXRY MASTERS. Deze exclusieve beurs zal zich nog nadrukkelijker richten op de inhoud en het meest bijzondere aanbod op het gebied van luxe. Bedenker van de beurs Yves Gijrath licht toe: "Het was geen makkelijke beslissing. De naam Miljonair Fair heeft voor wereldwijde bekendheid gezorgd, maar de eerlijkheid gebiedt te zeggen dat het woord 'miljonair' niet meer van deze tijd is. De oude naam dekte de lading niet meer. De beurs gaat vooral om exclusiviteit, kwaliteit, duurzaamheid en ambacht. Luxegoederen, zoals auto's, horloges, wijnen en kunst, en luxe-ervaringen, zoals bijzondere vakanties, onderscheiden zich niet door het prijskaartje dat eraan hangt, maar vooral door de authenticiteit ervan." Niet alleen de naam verandert, ook zal de beurs ruimer en anders van opzet zijn. Het Europacomplex van de Amsterdamse RAI zal van 6 tot 10 december de eerste editie van LXRY MASTERS huisvesten. Gijrath: "Meer nog dan voorgaande jaren zullen grote namen zich binden aan dit evenement. Het zijn de koplopers uit het luxesegment, meer dan 300 nationale en internationale merken, die zich in december zullen presenteren op ruim 20.000 vierkante meter." In 2013 zal de beurs in de nieuwe opzet ook internationaal worden uitgerold, waaronder edities in Londen en São Paolo.
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Bamboe Tandem Terras - Paal 17, De Koog, Texel
Kijk voor meer informatie op: http://tonn.nl/bamboe-terras-pro
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Co Mining vers 5 2
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