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Patching ps2 iso's and play without modchip and swap magic
Well I appologize for not really patch an iso but watch the video and you'll know what exactly to do. Sorry for bad visauls ,my hypercam is messed up. Please give a nice vote
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Paranormal removing
Well I just want to say this is "not" fake I was cleaning up someones house when they were dead and there was a envelope with 27 7 2011 on mark with red marker. I got an tape, the tape was empty when I watched it but then I saw the burn marks so I new its not empty, so I turned it to dvd and I got blur blur blur so I took it to dvd shop to fix , I went home and got this on the dvd,, SHOCKING!!! This is not fake watch the time on the video screen if tou don't believe me.!!!!
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Arm broke
Arm broke My freind was riding on the bike and suddenly... Whatch and find out Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - let your email find you!
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